How Bad is Cannabis Withdrawal?

Cannabis withdrawal may present itself in a number of ways, you could experience all side effects or one minor symptom.

cannabis withdrawal

Many of us believe that weed is not addictive, however, one can become mentally addicted and dependent on this plant. It has been acknowledged that cravings, trouble sleeping and mood swings are all something you might experience when refraining from cannabis. However, rehab often isn’t necessary when it comes to weed, but how bad is cannabis withdrawal?

Most cannabis consumers have taken a cleanse, or a tolerance break at some point in their smoking lives. Whether it be for drug tests at a new job, an international holiday or simply a tolerance break, these breaks can last weeks or even months.

Whatever the reason may be, you’ve likely experienced some form of cannabis withdrawal.  The most commonly reported symptom is the lack of sleep. Cannabis is used to induce sleep and helps many sleep through the night. Without this aid, many struggle to fall asleep and experience vivid dreams. This will pass, but one way you can help your body return to normal sleep patterns is with melatonin. As a natural sleep aid, taking some before bedtime will help you fall asleep and remain in a deeper sleep. 

Exercise is also a great way to clear your mind of that sweet herb. Physical health is always important, but will also help you with a great night’s rest. Sweating everything out of your system almost allows for a fresh start, curbing the cravings more.

Something worth keeping in mind though is whether you’re a medical cannabis consumer or a recreational consumer. If you are a medical patient, you should consider a break from cannabis in a different light. Withdrawals won’t be your main worry, it will be a return of pain, insomnia, or other ailments you are managing with cannabis. 

Before you take a break, consider lowering your consumption first and possibly speaking to your doctor. 

Night sweats, jitters or shakes, and the craving for cannabis tend to pass within a few days or a week. Of course, this does differ from person-to-person and will depend on the frequency you are consuming this medicine.

Cannabis isn’t the type of drug that causes people to steal from others to support their habit, or at least hasn’t been reported culturally or anecdotally. Whatever negative feelings and withdrawals you are experiencing will go away. Keeping yourself distracted and remembering why you are no longer consuming cannabis will go a long way to helping you push through that first week.

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Greg Suuny
Greg Suuny
1 year ago

I feels it is truly more of a mental addiction not physical but good read


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