How Cannabis Can Help Manage Anxiety and Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic

There is little doubt about it. We're in a unique situation, especially since this virus knows no race and does not care where you stand in the socio-economic ladder.

stress during COVID-19

There is little doubt about it. We’re in a unique situation, since this virus knows no race and does not care where you stand in the socio-economic ladder. Such uncertain times disrupt the way we know and function within our world, causing a massive rise in anxiety and stress during COVID-19. 

Regrettably, as we take certain actions to minimize or flatten the curve of deaths and disease because the virus strikes ahead, depression and anxiety are spiking globally. The uncertainty generated by the pandemic may trigger a plethora of mental health issues; that isn’t just normal but something to be anticipated during such a distinctive and threatening circumstance.

If you are feeling nervous or feeling overwhelmed by feelings of despair and melancholy, seek out aid instantly.

You might be acquainted with feelings of depression and anxiety, with COVID-19 likely to exacerbate these feelings. Or, you might be somebody who has felt these feelings, which could include that of loss and despair. The fact is, we’re ALL currently going through a sense of sorrow. Several have lost their livelihood; many others are addressing the disease itself, dealing with the death of a loved person, or mourning the feeling of stability and new ‘normalcy’ of daily life.

As our lives have been turned upside down, the feeling of despair and loss in this time period is to be anticipated, based on George Bonanno, PhD. He says, “Grief is truly about turning inward and recalibrating and thinking: ‘This really isn’t the way the world is, and I want to accommodate. It is fine to feel despair over what we’re losing. When we do this, it permits us to let despair do its job, so that we may proceed.”

A lot of men and women use medical cannabis to alleviate stress and anxiety; for a few, it functions better than drugs like antidepressants. However, knowing what works best for you and your own body is the trick to success. CBD and THC, the two well recognised and abundant cannabinoids, have shown success in treating depression, anxiety, and stress-related syndromes. Cannabis with high doses of CBD has been proven to become effective at curing anxiety-related symptoms, while THC strains stimulate the body’s natural mechanism for blocking out memories that are harmful.

Stress disorders generate a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as muscle pain brought on by physical stress, anxiety, uneasiness, nausea, and insomnia. The relaxing, calming effect of CBD counteracts several of these signs. At precisely the exact same time, THC may produce a feeling of euphoria which will temporarily block out damaging emotions, permitting individuals to be more present.

It is essential to be aware that THC for a few individuals can raise nervousness, so if you’re a newcomer to cannabis, Start Low and Go Slow –  begin with a minimum dose and assess how you are feeling before ingesting more. The effect on individuals is variable, so what works for one person might not for another. A lot of people decide to forego THC and just consume CBD to alleviate stress. CBD can be sourced with minimal quantities of THC, or without any THC in any respect, this is found in hemp-derived CBD.

Many of you may already be consuming cannabis to help come to terms with and manage the emotional impact of this pandemic, and it is important to always do so responsibly, and not to rely on cannabis to get you through all of life’s difficulties. 

If you are experiencing anxiety and stress during COVID-19, it might be time for you to try cannabis. Whether it be THC or CBD, it might just change the way you address stress and anxiety. 

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