‘Legalise it!’: Tito Mboweni says he will Propose the Legal Cannabis Industry to Cabinet on Twitter

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni is letting the people know what we’ve always known - the Cannabis industry could be worth Billions in revenue for South African citizens and SARS. If and only if we accept full legalisation of the cannabis plant.

Tito Mboweni

Last night, Tito Mboweni took to Twitter, to share images of cannabis plants from a farm at an unknown location. He brought to light the potential the cannabis plant could have on the South African economy and industries.

After the 2018 Constitutional Court judgement, the private possession, use and cultivation of cannabis has been decriminalised and Parliament must now make the legislative adjustments to accommodate this. Selling cannabis still remains illegal.

Mboweni tweeted asking his followers for their opinions on whether the sale of cannabis should be made legal in South Africa.

Tito Mboweni said there were a number of sites around the country, particularly in Limpopo Province, which he argued could give billions in tax money to SARS, if the industry could be legalised.

“My neighbour found this thing too! The soil is ready in Makgobaskloof to grow it legally! The economy of Lusikisiki and Tzaneen is waiting for legal growth of the stuff!! R4bn plus!! Tax money,” Mboweni said.

He ended up with a song by Peter Tosh called “legalize it” giving us a hint that he may already have made up his mind on the issue at large.

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