Moonrocks – What are They and How do You Smoke Them?

Have you ever heard of moonrocks? If not, it’s time to find out all you need to know about these juicy, sticky nuggets of goodness - what they are and how you can smoke them to take yourself to the moon.

what are moonrocks

Moonrocks are not all that common here in South Africa, but these are one of the best ways to combine a couple of cannabis forms for the ultimate nug with some serious potency! 

What are they? 

The actual origin of the moonrock is a bit hazy – rumours say it was started by an American dispensary, while others believe it was a rapper who popularised this form of cannabis. 

Moonrocks are essentially cannabis/THC monsters! They’re made by taking a regular cannabis bud or nug, and spraying it or covering it in hash oil or another concentrate form. Once coated in oil, they are rolled in kief to give them their unique appearance. 

Moonrocks Pack a Punch 

Each moonrock will obviously have its own characteristics, depending on strains, oil and kief used, as well as the supplier/creator who puts it all together. However, many of the regulated moonrocks are said to have up to 50% THC, with many cannabis strains measuring about 20% THC in the nug alone, before adding the potency of cannabis oils and kief. 

Moonrocks are further known for their amazing terpene profiles. A combination of a couple of different strains in different forms allows the terpenes to mesh together and act jointly on the experience you have. A rich collection of terpenes and the high potency of moonrocks make them a smokers dream! However, they are potent, so start low and go slow when trying them out for the first time. 

How to Smoke Them

As awesome as moonrocks are, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you want to add them to your stash: 

  • They are super sticky, so do not put them in your grinder unless you enjoy cleaning it. 
  • Keep them in a cool dark place – you don’t want it to melt and get all gooey on you. 

In Your Glass

Glass is ideal when it comes to moonrocks, seeing as it’s not quite like a normal cannabis flower. You’ll have to break up the sticky goodness with your hands and fill up the bowl by hand. 

We know you’re thinking about rolling it up… but it’s not quite that simple. Firstly, you’ll need a lot of moonrock to roll a decent joint. Secondly, moonrocks don’t stay lit like normal cannabis joints so you’ll be re-lighting for each puff. 

Mix it with some Flower 

Moonrocks are a breeze to smoke in a bowl mixed with some flower. Seeing as they’re a little sticky, they don’t create a ‘cherry’ like normal cannabis joints or bowls, so they’re hard to light. So the easiest thing to do is fill your bowl with some flower and then throw some moonrock on top. 

If you are set on rolling a joint with your moonrock, then mixing it with flower is the way to go. It still may not work as well as a regular joint but you can make it work!

Moonrocks are an awesome, exciting way to consume cannabis. If you can find one – get your hands on it! But if not, you can try making your own at home – as long as you have a nug, some oil to dip it in and a bunch of kief to cover it in, then you’re ready for blast off. 

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