Israel Approved to Export Medical Cannabis

export medical cannabis
At the beginning of May Israel announced its approval to export medical cannabis, meaning sales outside of the country can now begin. The nation expects to earn millions in revenue from this move. Economy Minister Eli Cohen said that this is a significant step for exporters and the Israeli industry, which will enable both export opportunities and increased employment in...

New York Bans Pre-Employment Cannabis Testing

New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing
New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing - a huge step forward for the cannabis community. The new law, which took effect in the middle of May, and bans companies from requiring pre-employment testing for marijuana. The only exceptions to this are job applications that are considered safety-sensitive. However, what exactly constitutes a safety-sensitive position is up for debate. The bill...

Parents are Seeking Medical Cannabis for their Children

medical cannabis for children
Canada has been at the forefront of medical cannabis for years now, developing trends and mechanisms for a legal and accessible cannabis movement. However, medical professionals are apprehensive to prescribe cannabis for developing minds due to a lack of research.  Despite this, professionals are getting more and more requests for medical cannabis for children and a growing list of conditions....

Telehealth Enters Medical Cannabis Sphere

Various forms of ‘virtual visits’ have been financially supported by the federal government in the US as people do what they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now American citizens are endorsing telehealth visits for the controversial treatment that is medical cannabis.  More than 24 states have made temporary allowances for prescribing medical cannabis via telemedicine. Most of them...

Who’s Still Buying R653M Worth of Brick Weed?

brick weed
Oh brick weed, we’ve all been there. At one time or another, we’ve all partaken in a little bit of brick weed, compressed to no end - making it that much harder to pick out seeds and stems. This compressed brick weed makes up much of the illicit global cannabis market, often consisting of relatively cheap and poor quality...

Kicking Off Cannabis Education with Cheeba Africa

Cheeba Cannabis Academy
South Africa is, unfortunately, quite far behind the Western world when it comes to cannabis. The plant is still heavily stigmatised and misunderstood, creating the need for education on this plant. We have seen the rise of brands who bring education to the people in the form of articles and so on, but no local entities have introduced a...

Could a Legal Weed Trade Help Mexico Combat the Blow of COVID-19?

A new bill has been filed in Mexico’s federal legislature, and it would essentially mean the legalization of adult-use cannabis nationwide. This bill has been filed in an effort to reduce the economic damage being felt by the country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This move could start a new revenue stream, not only for individuals but...

Bobby Greenhash Causes Fight at Bottlestore

Sheldon Cramer
Bobby Greenhash, more commonly known as Sheldon Cramer, caused a fight at a local bottle store after being refused entry because he was not wearing a facemask. He has since apologised for his actions, stating that it was "a result of frustration of this whole Covid lockdown". Watch the full video.  In the video clip, recorded by Cramer himself, we see...

Local CBD Regulations Get an Update

CBD regulations
In May of 2019, the regulations surrounding the popular cannabinoid CBD were changed. These made allowances for the sale of CBD products with certain restrictions in place, such as a maximum daily dose of 20mg and a limit on THC content.  However, this was just for a 12 month period which would allow the necessary powers to observe the budding...

Initial September 2020 Deadline for Local Cannabis Legislation Will Not be Met Due to COVID-19

South African cannabis legislation
September 2020 signifies the end of the 24 month waiting period for locals for an update on the South African cannabis legislation. In September of 2018, cannabis was decriminalised and allowances were made for locals to cultivate and consume cannabis in their personal and private capacity. However, this was only for 24 months, giving the government time to observe...