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Black Leaf | Cap & Banger Set


Material: Borosilicate Glass
Size: SG 14 (14,5mm)
Length: 62mm
Diameter: 25mm Outer
Supplies: Carb cap and Banger

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The dabbing kit, packed in a nice metal box, contains a banger and a matching carb cap. They are made of very heat-resistant glass. The banger contains a yellow special granulate that turns into red when the banger gets heated.

Dabbing is easy: Place the banger on the glass bong instead of the normal bowl, then heat up the bottom of the banger with a torch and after this, put the oil/wax into the banger by using a dabber. Then capture the evolving vapor with the carb cap and minimize the air draft to generate more smoke. Inhale, pull carb cap and enjoy!


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