Sexual Satisfaction for Women Who Consume Cannabis

A recent study, the first of its kind, suggests that women who consume cannabis regularly are more sexually satisfied than those who do not.

women who consume cannabis

The study was published in the journal Sexual Medicine, with evidence that suggests that women who consume cannabis regularly experience better orgasms, more arousal and have a higher level of sexual satisfaction overall. This study is the first of its kind to use a validated survey, which was used to assess the relationship between cannabis use and female sexual function. 

452 women were included in the study, aged between 30 and 49, of which 72.8% consumed cannabis more than 6 times a week. Majority of the women, 81.6% to be exact, were in a relationship and 46.7% chose cannabis flower as their preferred method of consumption. 

The study made use of the validated Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and women who consume cannabis also had higher reported FSFI scores. In addition, women who increased their consumption by a single unit per week reported an increase in total FSFI, which includes arousal, desire, orgasm and domains of satisfaction. 

With each additional weekly increase, the odds of reported female sexual dysfunction declined by 21%. The study noted neither the method of consumption nor the type of cannabis had an impact on sexual function. 

The authors observed that “the exact mechanisms by which cannabis may increase sexual function in women is unknown” but “the endocannabinoid system has been postulated to be involved in female sexual function.” They point out that previous studies “have demonstrated that increased amounts of endogenous cannabinoids … are associated with increased sexual arousal.”

“As many patients use cannabis to reduce anxiety, it is possible that a reduction in anxiety associated with a sexual encounter could improve experiences and lead to improved satisfaction, orgasm, and desire. Similarly, THC can alter the perception of time which may prolong the feelings of sexual pleasure.” – Assessment of the Association of Cannabis on Female Sexual Function With the Female Sexual Function Index

Cannabis company Eaze partnered with vibrator manufacturer Lioness in 2019 on a report which suggested that cannabis makes consumers sexual lives better. The study discovered that 85% of respondents had a more satisfying orgasm during solo sessions and 79% during partner sessions. Additionally, 84% stated that cannabis improved the experience with sex toys during solo sessions, while 79% agreed when it comes to partner sessions. 

Eaze and Lioness also found cannabis to have quite a large impact on the duration of sexual activity, both during solo (64%) and partner (73%) sessions. 

A study from 2017 found that cannabis consumers have, on average, 20% more heterosexual sex than those who don’t consume cannabis. Women who consumed cannabis on a daily basis had sex an average of 7.1 times during the 4 week period leading up to the study, while non-consumers came in with 6 times. 

Do you involve cannabis in your sex life? 

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