Some Benefits of THC Have Nothing to do With Getting High

As we learn more about cannabis and the industry expands, CBD is becoming closely associated with health and wellness, while THC is still associated with recreational consumption.

benefits of THC

The cannabis plant is finally getting the recognition it deserves, especially in terms of the medical properties it possesses. This is allowing for deeper research into the plant and more exciting discoveries to be made. Many cannabis activists fully support the use of full-plant extracts, but more cannabinoids are being isolated and bred for strength by commercial companies. CBD is the best example of this at the moment as it’s demand has seen a massive increase globally.

CBD is more common these days, but is second in popularity to THC. This cannabinoid doesn’t provide the all too familiar ‘high’ associated with cannabis. As much as we love THC, you can have too much of a good thing, and what was originally rather enjoyable can turn into an unpleasant experience.

So THC gets you stoned and CBD helps with health and wellness. Now, do we even need the psychoactivity of THC to help in a more medical setting? Many are also unsure of CBD too in that if you can’t feel it doing anything, is it even working? Ultimately, we need both of them in their different applications for different reasons. CBD, without the mind altering effects, is great at helping manage childhood epilepsy with no reported negative impact on the mind. 

Where does this leave THC?

Numerous studies and anecdotal reports back cannabis for the medicinal properties it provides. It has been observed that THC may stimulate brain cells, and could potentially help grow new ones. The hippocampus, a region in our brains, can have growth stimulated by THC and CBD by activating the CB1 receptors. These cannabinoids fit right into our pre-existing genetic makeup thanks to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, allowing our bodies to welcome cannabis with open arms. 

On a more commonly known level, cannabis is an anti-inflammatory providing pain relief, has anti-nausea properties that make it great for chemotherapy patients, and when combined with melatonin it can prove to be a fantastic sleep aid. Cannabis acts as an antibacterial and it is an antioxidant that reduces the telltale signs of ageing.

These are but a few of the benefits of THC that cannabis can provide that isn’t just about getting high. The recreational fun and the holistic benefits are why so many activists are pushing for the legalisation of this plant. THC is a lifesaver for some, whether obtained with a medical license or through self-medication – it is the people’s plant and everyone should have access to it. 

Whether you are utilising this plant for personal enjoyment or medical purposes, it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. And needless to say, we can all enjoy the benefits of THC without trying to get high!

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