Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for April: Zombie Kush

It’s the night before lockdown begins, but Stoner Steve doesn’t have a stash to get him through to the end of it! That is, until he comes across some Zombie Kush.

Zombie Kush

Like many other local tokers, I was faced with a dilemma just days before South Africa went into lockdown. I knew I needed some bud in bulk to survive the days of isolation ahead of me. However, I didn’t plan well ahead and found myself with nothing but a couple of grams left the night before the lockdown started! 

So what do I do? I start thinking, trying to come up with a plan, trying to find out how I can get my hands on the grammage I need to make it through. And then I remembered, my friends most recent grow should be coming to the end of the curing process! So I called him up, told him my situation and like the homie he is – he was happy to oblige. 

Under the cover of night, I jump in my car and make my way to his house. Waiting for me upon arrival is a small jar filled to the brim with some of the juiciest looking nugs I have ever seen. Absolutely covered in trichomes and strong terpenes which filled my nose, I knew this is what I was going to need to get through the lockdown – a big ol’ jar of Zombie Kush

Zombie Kush is an Indica dominant strain, with an eclectic mix of Bubba Kush, Lavender Kush and Amnesia mixed into one beautiful plant. This strain burst onto the cannabis scene in 2016 where it won 1st Place Indica at the UCLA Cup. Firstly, it looked stunning laden in trichomes with hints of purple to it. It also smelt fantastic as it rose from the jar, providing sweet and tangy notes. 

I thanked my friend profusely for his charity during these times, and made my way to my isolation station with my jar. The minute I got home, I got straight to rolling. I pulled out the first nug and got to grinding, and man oh man I thought it smelt great before but once I opened the grinder, the smell consumed my entire living room. 

I rolled myself a neat bedtime jiggy and stepped out onto my balcony. I lit up while watching the stars, and with each puff I started to drift away. After what felt like two minutes but was more like half an hour, I stumbled back inside with nothing left but the roach. I was as baked as a cake. 

I came back to my senses after stepping inside, and started to take note of how I felt. I felt extremely relaxed and pretty happy. I sat down with a puzzle before me and started piecing it together as I felt my body get heavier and heavier, while my mind began to buzz. I carried on with my puzzle, going along happily with some music and my girlfriend by my side. I felt like I was finally able to relax for a short while amidst the chaos of COVID-19. 

After about an hour or two, I felt my stomach starting to grumble, even though I had already eaten dinner. I knew I was in trouble as the munchies began to hit. I stood up and started stumbling to the fridge like a zombie with uncontrollable hunger. I wanted to eat everything! But, I had to settle for popcorn and a glass of juice. 

Once I had stifled my munchies every so slightly, it was for a good night’s rest. I wandered to bed, where I fell into a giggly lull with a stupid smile as I dozed off to whatever documentary we were watching. 

I woke up happy and content, with a slightly fuzzy ‘porridge brain’. I tend to experience this when I go to bed a little too goofed, particularly when it is thanks to an Indica. 

I have continued to enjoy this Zombie Kush strain all throughout lockdown, and will hopefully have a gram or two left at the end of it all so save for a rainy day! And for being my saving grace for the month of April, it was a no-brainer as my Strain of the Month!

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