Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for July: Candy iV

Is there anything sweeter than tasting one’s personal homegrown bud for the first time? Stoner Steve finally got to smoke some homegrown bud in July, here are his thoughts.

Candy iV

Growing, as many will know, is no easy process. I found this out first hand this year as I took on my first homegrow project. Having never grown before, I started simple and decided to grow outdoors in some lekker fabric pots. I got my Freedom Farms soil and bags, mixed them up and all I needed were seeds

Rather than trying my luck with some seeds that were ridiculously expensive or too hard to grow, I wanted to start simple. I wanted to learn everything, the natural way. So I sought some regular, locally bred seeds that could handle the South African sun. 

Thus, I found Daggafontein Genetics. These awesome dudes hooked me up with some seeds, and so my grow began!

I was a little late to the party and only sprouted my seeds in January. However, after 6 long months, my first plant was harvested and I knew the timing was perfect – 4 weeks of cure would end on my birthday! 

The grow itself was a breeze, with the only arising issue being small spots of powdery mildew that were controlled by a milk and water blend sprayed onto the plants. Other than that, I used tap water which had sat for at least 24 hours, and basic nutrients – BioBizz Grow, a microbial mixture, and an Atami Bloombastic sample from the Cannabis Expo. This is all I needed to grow some awesome Candy iV!  

Those 4 weeks of cure felt like the longest, but I knew I wanted to be patient and do things properly. Eventually, the fateful day arrived. I finally got to enjoy my homegrown cannabis on my birthday, and I must admit – it was one of the most memorable smoke experiences I’ve ever had! 

With my own bud I rolled a fatty. When opening up the jar, I was met with a strong earthy and peppery aroma – typical of an outdoor grow. However, as the bud was broken up and rolled, the aroma sweetened tremendously! It is also worth noting that of the two plants I’ve harvested so far, both were quite different, despite being the same strain. One was characteristically outdoor, from a darker bud appearance to flavour and aroma, while the second plant has smaller, lighter and denser nugs that look more like indoor – and has a flavour profile to match. 

I walked out onto the balcony, lit up and took a long deep drag of my jiggy. Upon exhale I savoured the taste of my grow as the peppery notes lingered on my tongue. I watched the stars as I puffed away, feeling a little more goofed with each drag. Eventually, I’d had enough and took a seat at the table. My high began to wave over me gently, relaxing my body like an Indica but without a foggy head high. Now this is my type of high, one that chills me out but doesn’t knock me out completely. 

For the last 3 weeks of July, I have been puffing away on my Candy iV by Daggafontein Genetics on a daily basis. The novelty still hasn’t worn off, and it’s only tasting sweeter by the day! I’ve definitely still got a couple of months left of this juicy smoke, so it’s a good thing I love it! 

If you’re a grower and want some proper local genetics, check out Daggafontein Genetics. They’re some awesome people with a passion for growing cannabis and a love for local cannabis. 

My bud may not be the most potent, it may not be the most beautiful, but it’s mine – and nothing will taste better than that! I’m sure some other growers will agree ;). And it is for this reason that Candy iV is my Strain of the Month – without a doubt. 

If you ain’t chokin’, you ain’t tokin’
– Stoner Steve

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