Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for June: Critical Jack

Who doesn’t love a little Critical Jack to get you going! Stoner Steve got his hands on some this month, and has some good things to say about this sativa.

Critical Jack

I’m not usually a sativa kinda guy, I tend to prefer the heavy bodily and mental effects of indica varieties. In such a fast paced world, I look for something to mellow me out – not pump me up! However, every now and then I come across a sativa that is just too good to ignore, and this month it was Critical Jack

This strain is a cross between the famous Jack Herer and Critical Plus – bringing forth more cerebral effects. Critical Jack is also praised for its effectiveness in helping consumers manage depression and migraines. 

I got this strain from 3Buds of mine who I went to high school with. My homie called me up and told me he had something he wanted me to try, and I’m always game to be a guinea pig for my friends grows – obviously!

I met up with him briefly to grab the goods, and spent the 5 minute drive homing basking in what was an unbelievably sweet and fruity aroma! I couldn’t believe how potent the smell was – as soon as I rolled up the window the berry notes filled my nose and I just couldn’t wait to get home and light up. 

I’m often a bit tentative when smoking a sativa for the first time. I like to start off a little slow and get a feel for it, trying to find the balance between an overpowering sativa rush and not getting satisfyingly goofed. So I opened up the bankie and admired my few Gs of Jack. It isn’t the most eye-catching strain, but the scent was truly something out of this world.

It ground up nicely, and the smell only became 10 times more pungent in the grinder. With my mouth watering, I packed myself a bowl and prepared for takeoff! I burnt that bowl, cleared it all and sat back waiting for my Saturday afternoon entertainment to begin. I got ready to settle down and relax a bit after a mad week, but that plan went out the window pretty quickly. 

An hour in and I am wide awake! So much for an afternoon nap. There I was, running around the house doing all sorts of chores and tasks that I’d been putting off. Laundry – done, dishes – none, my plants – well watered and triple checked. This was one of the few times a sativa gave me an energetic and obvious buzz, unlike others before which were so clear and mellow that they didn’t really feel like they did much at all. 

I spent my afternoon with an amazing clear but energetic high unlike any before. I was pumped up and focussed, but also quite giggly and chatty. This is unlike my usual preference of relaxing and couch-lock effects, but also one of the more memorable smoke sessions I’ve had. It gave me a great physical and emotional boost and helped me make the most of my Saturday afternoon. 

In high doses, the strain can become a bit much if you’re like me and don’t always enjoy an intense sativa buzz. But if you use it smartly, Critical Jack could be a great daytime strain to boost mood, energy and creativity and to have a good laugh with some buddies. 

This is my strain of the month because as an indica lover, it takes a great sativa to really make me appreciate it. And Critical Jack did just that! It has the right balance, providing great uplifting effects without the anxiety or tension, and did more than sativas from my past experiences by providing a clear and noticeable buzz. 

Critical Jack is a strain that can be appreciated by the sativa and indica lovers, so next time you see it pop up, make sure to grab yourself a gram or two!

If you ain’t chokin’, you ain’t tokin’
– Stoner Steve

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