The 10 Cannabis Commandments

Stoners have a secret code. Although we are most probably the most chilled community on earth, there are some very important rules that we must abide by.

cannabis commandments

Stoners aren’t usually associated with following strict rules and guidelines, but we do have some very important universal rules. These are subjective, and you won’t find the same 10 commandments across the board. However, most of these will be relatable to most potheads, getting the subtle nod of approval. If there is anything you disagree with or feel there’s something very important we’ve missed out on, let us know in the comments!

With that being said, here are the 10 Cannabis Commandments of the Cannabis News Team: 

    1. 2 Pull Pass – Don’t hog the damn spliff! Once lit, keep that jiggy rotating, we don’t want to waste. 
    2. Pass the dutchie on the left hand side – Keep the bud rotating to the left, don’t f*ck up the rotation! The only exception may be ‘Pass right by night’. 
    3. Let the one who rolls be the first to toke – Whoever put in the work to roll up for the squad gets the pleasure of sparking up first on their work. 
    4. Thou shalt always clear the bong – It’s not okay to pass on the bong with smoke still in the chamber or ashes in the bowl.
    5. Get high on the right supply – Do your best to smoke on good quality kush. Steer clear of anything that may have nasty substances/chemicals within. If it’s brown and ridden with seeds and stems, it’s not worth it.
    6. Don’t be a fool and backroll your tool – The backroll exists for a reason: less paper, thus resulting in a better smoking experience. However, if you cannot backroll, trim your papers to a more suitable size. 
    7. Sharing is caring – Share your bud with friends. Be generous when you have plenty, and the favour shall be returned in your time of need. 
    8. Keep it clean and green – Do not mix your bud with tobacco!
    9. Educate don’t debate – Don’t argue with those too ignorant to move past the stigmas and stereotypes around the plant. Rather work on educating where you can, and where it is worth your time. 
    10. Love and respect Mary Jane – Treat the plant with respect, do not abuse it. Do not let the plant govern or control your life, simply let it guide you when and where necessary. Love the plant. 

These are the 10 cannabis commandments us bud fanatics should always remember and never forget. Make changes to these which best apply to you and your relationship with cannabis. Most importantly though, the rule that belongs on everyone’s list is number 10. 

Respect the plant and it will give you what you need. If you disrespect and abuse the plant, it can treat you harsher than you know or what you’d like. It can quickly consume you and take over your life. It is a plant with great power and it deserves to be treated as such. 

With that being said, keep blazing and stay amazing!
– Cannabis News Team

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