The Highly Anticipated Cannabis Expo of 2019

The local cannabis community just keeps growing and with that, so does The Cannabis Expo. This year they went even bigger, louder and greener - here’s what we saw.

The Cannabis Expo 2019

The Cannabis Expo 2019 was definitely one for the hemp bound books. Held at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, they managed to put on quite the show. The convention centre was packed with over 150 exhibition stands showcasing cannabis at its best. Ranging from large brand stalls, to smaller stands creating awareness and education around this beautiful plant.

A Feast for the Eyes

The venue was alive and bustling from the minute the doors opened, with thousands walking through the doors on just the first day. Each of them ready to spend some bucks on whatever caught their eye, whether it be the brightest, biggest bong they could find or the most powerful grow lights to help their buddies at home flourish. Whatever the reason for attending – you would find what you were looking for, all you had to do was navigate your way through the plume of smoke that engulfed you.

A “vape lounge” was put together on site, a little outside area filled with food stalls and picnic benches to help rest those tired legs and cure that cotton mouth/munchies. Centred around an experience, the organisers did well to provide enough for attendees to do and participate in. Stalls were providing good chow, CBD infused water and even CBD infused coffee to get your buzz balanced. 

Cannabis Education is Key in South Africa

If products aren’t what you’re after, we suggest attending it in 2020 to be educated around the fastest growing industry. Just by chatting to a couple of the exhibitors you can learn more than you ever expected, from tips on what products to use for your ailments, to hacks on growing the fattest bud in your backyard. The Cannabis Expo also ensured to include a speaker’s area, providing some top names in the local and international industry.

Speakers such as Nico Kriek were there to speak about their craft and educate the community on a deeper level. Lawyers like Andrew Lawrie were present who specialise in cannabis law and opened themselves to all your legal cannabis questions.  Even doctors, like Dr Shiksha Gallow came by to educate people on potential health benefits and risks when consuming cannabis. Most South Africans know about cannabis, but only on a surface level. There is still a huge need for comprehensive education in our country and the expo played a part in making that accessible to the people this weekend.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

One tip we would give to the organisers would be a better organisation of stalls. There is a lot going on at this expo, with a million different things to look at. Having a sense of organisation would go a long way – somehow categorising the stands by a relevant category would make navigating the massive expo a lot easier. CBD stores go together,

grow products can be planted close to each other, and paraphernalia stores could be found down one strip. It almost seemed like a bunch of stoners designed the floor plan after ripping one of Billy Bong’s Bongs – utter chaos!

Other than that, it was a brilliantly put together expo. All attendees and exhibitors were in high spirits, ready to spread their love for cannabis far and wide. Speed rolling competitions took place, knowledge was exchanged, laughs were had, business deals signed and friends made. For any individual passionate about cannabis, whether it be recreationally, medically, or from a business perspective, this expo has plenty to offer for all kinds.

Thank you Cannabis Expo 2019, we can’t wait to see you again next year!



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