The Cannabis Expo Heads To Mexico

As one of the world’s biggest cannabis producers, it comes as no surprise that Mexico was chosen as the location for the next renowned The Cannabis Expo event. As a product of international cannabis financing powerhouse JuicyFields as well as the organizers of South Africa’s largest cannabis event, The Cannabis Expo is the largest cannabis event on the African continent, providing the global cannabis industry with a meeting point to discuss cannabis business, with tens of thousands of visitors attending the events every year.

JuicyFields is a “crowd growing” platform that connects people with medical cannabis businesses looking for finance. They have been actively developing cannabis businesses all over the world and now working with The Cannabis Expo, they can enter the Mexican cannabis market. Throughout The Cannabis Expo events, the cannabis industry leaders and change-makers from across the globe host talks and panel discussions around hot topics that are shaping the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Expo is planned for late May or early June 2021, depending on the state of Covid-19 and the easing of local coronavirus restrictions. The Cannabis Expo Mexico is seen as the first of many cannabis business events in the LATAM region with the event expected to become the region’s global hub for conducting cannabis business.

JuicyFields are industry leaders in cannabis financing and they have the goal of growing and supporting the cannabis industry in key markets.  Mexico is well-positioned as one of the world’s key cannabis producers with huge potential to supply a large percentage of the ever-increasing global demand for medicinal cannabis. This makes Mexico an exciting space for cannabis business which will be further accelerated as they partner with JuicyFields and The Cannabis Expo.

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