The Tiger King Really Ran for Governor on a ‘Legalise Weed’ Platform

The Netflix series Tiger King rose rapidly in popularity. Not only did Joe Exotic run for governor, he did it with the help of a cannabis platform.

Joe Exotic

Right now the world is still obsessed with Netflix’s hit documentary series titled the Tiger King and the story of Joe Exotic. Even if you haven’t watched an episode yourself, you’ve definitely seen this dramatic true-crime story all over social media.

But whether you’re totally obsessed with this tale of murder or just trying to catch up with the hype, there’s one aspect of this story that’s been surprisingly flying under the radar: Joe Exotic is a huge cannabis advocate, as seen through his branded rolling papers. 

Joe also shockingly opened his first campaign video by directly addressing legalisation in his own special tiger king way: “Let’s just start out by saying that through my years, I’ve tried some drugs. During one of the debates that we had, I asked one of my opponents, “Have you ever smoked weed before?” And he said, “Yeah, but I’d be ashamed to say it.”

Another point Exotic made when advocating for cannabis was to position legalisation as a way to reduce America’s ongoing problems with the abuse of drugs like opioids and methamphetamine.

“The War on meth is not successful. Not in Oklahoma,” Exotic said. “I personally don’t know how many dealers and how many users. We’re spending so much time on the users that we’re not effective at all.”

So although Joe Exotic’s second political campaign was a failure at the ballot box, one of his signature issues moved forward in a big way, which was beyond shocking given his outlook on life and politics. 

But the Tiger King did play a small part in raising awareness and speaking to a group of voters outside the two-party system in America especially. 

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