The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyser Could be Available Soon

A new drug test is emerging that could aid employers and police uncover stoners by testing their saliva.

cannabis breathalyzer

This new drug testing method – the cannabis breathalyzer – may be able to indicate to the authorities if you are under the influence of cannabis, using only saliva.

The common test here in South Africa when it comes to cannabis is the urine test. The issue with this is that it can only determine whether you’ve consumed cannabis in the last month. However, this new saliva test that is making headlines at the moment is said to detect cannabis use within the last 3 hours.

Laws in South Africa

Last year September, the Constitutional Court legalised the private and personal growth and consumption of marijuana. At the time, the Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo found that one’s right to privacy wasn’t limited to the home or a private dwelling, although he didn’t quite specify what else would be considered one’s ‘private property’.

He did, however, state that it would not be a criminal offence if an adult is found using or possessing weed within a personal space, which is most certainly a step in the right direction – even if there are still a few grey areas.

The court gave Parliament a 24 month period (from September 2018), to make changes to the existing legislation related to cannabis to be in line with the new rulings. This is also somewhat of a test period to establish the other legal parameters that will need to be put into place.

The New Saliva Test

Reports are that the new cannabis breathalyzer saliva test is like a lollipop, which is made to then absorb the saliva. Chemicals within the test react with the saliva, supposedly within two minutes – and this reaction will then be able to confirm whether cannabis was consumed in the last 3 hours or not.

Although many consumers believe that they are not all that impaired when the have ingested cannabis, believing that they are more than capable of driving, they are still impaired in a sense. It is never okay to drive under the influence of any substance, cannabis being one of them. These new tests may be put into place shortly.

Enjoy your cannabis responsibly.

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