Time to Try Smokeless Cannabis Consumption Methods Amidst COVID-19

Stoners are no longer sharing their joints, but have also been advised to steer clear of smoking altogether to prevent complications with COVID-19. So if you can’t smoke, what do you do? Here are some methods of getting goofed without the smoke!

smokeless cannabis consumption

Avoiding smoking cannabis and trying some smokeless cannabis consumption methods is the smart thing to do at this point. Smoke, whether it be from a joint, cigarette or even a braai, can cause certain complications with COVID-19.  As much as it is helping us all get through this tough time, it might be time to change consumption methods for a while to protect our lungs and for the safety of those around us. 

The ongoing pandemic is changing the way we look at the world and has changed the way in which we live. Many have been concerned about the use of cannabis at this time and wonder how they can be responsible cannabis consumers at this time. Looking after your lungs and preventing complications in the diagnosis of COVID-19 is a good place to start!

Taking a Break from Smoking 

You can do this by changing it up and take a little break from smoking your herb and trying some of the smokeless cannabis consumption methods that don’t include harsh smoke entering your lungs. These may include edibles, tinctures, oils or even topicals – so let’s get into some of these methods!


Early research has indicated that smoking may put you at higher risk for severe coronavirus infection or complications in diagnosis of the virus

This virus has been observed to attach to the ACE2 receptors in the lungs. Cigarettes seem to increase the number of these receptors, in turn giving more options and making it easier for the virus to attach itself to a human. 

Although not much has been made of the difference between cannabis and cigarettes as of yet, it may be reasonable to assume that they have a similar relationship with COVID-19. Inhaling smoke from any source will put unnecessary stress on the lungs, which would be smart to avoid at the moment. 

It is for these reasons that the cannabis community may want to try something other than a joint or bong at the moment. If you do continue to smoke, avoid sharing with others and keep a close eye on your lungs. 


This does still involve inhalation. However, what you inhale isn’t being burnt in the same manner that joints and cigarettes are. So vaping provides a much cleaner and higher-quality smoke. If this is an option, it is advised over joints or bongs but the recommendation stands that inhalation should be avoided. 


Cannabis infused edibles offer a smokeless experience, which presents itself as a healthier alternative to smoking.

It is common for edibles to be a food which is made with cannabis infused oil or butter. Edibles also offer a slightly different experience to smoking. It takes longer for you to feel the effects of edibles, usually 1-2 hours depending on your metabolism, and the effects of edibles are also experienced for a longer period of time.

Edibles can be tedious to make, but seeing as we’ve all got plenty of time on our hands it might be worth giving them a go! Get started with the basics of edibles

Tinctures & Oils 

Tinctures and oils are consumed orally or sublingually, and are cannabis infused oils or liquids. These are simple and easy to use, allowing you to dose your cannabis effectively. 

These are a great way to get all the effects of cannabis without smoking. But remember that these also take longer to take effect than smoking does. Tinctures and oils act quicker than edibles but slower than smoking, meeting somewhere in the middle. 


Topicals are not going to be particularly handy if you are looking to get high. Topical creams include lotions, balms or even bath bombs. These provide localised relief for chronic pain and inflammation with the psychoactivity of THC rich cannabis. 

For medical patients looking to manage pain, topicals are highly recommended! However, they won’t get you high – so if you’re after some recreational fun, edibles or oils would be your best option!


Taking care of your lungs during this pandemic is vital, so it might be worth trying some of these smokeless cannabis consumption methods. The lungs are the target point for COVID-19, so keeping them healthy will avoid complications with diagnosis and lower your risk for contracting the virus in the first place. 

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Greg Suuny
Greg Suuny
1 year ago

I have a mighty and i love it !!!

1 year ago

This is a nice post especially for stoners who smoke 24/7 rather than explore THC products. I’ve made THC infused vodka at home and it’s fantastic. Plus, I learned how to make THC infused cooking oil so I can turn any food in to an edible.


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