Topical CBD and “Maskne”

CBD has gained popularity for being the next solution for a wide range of health conditions. Findings suggest that the active ingredient may be useful in treating certain symptoms associated with skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

topical CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active cannabinoids in cannabis. It is an essential component of medical cannabis and has been touted as a potential cure or treatment for many health issues from anxiety to chronic pain and depression, and topical CBD has been praised for its effectiveness in skin conditions.

How it Works

Cannabinoids contain anti-inflammatory properties that make them useful in the treatment of skin diseases, according to researchers at the University of Colorado. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology summarizes the current literature and concluded that pharmaceuticals containing cannabinoids may be effective in treating eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.


At this point in the pandemic, people should have a wide range of masks at their disposal. Despite the politics surrounding them, health experts believe that masks, together with social distancing are the strongest and easiest methods people can take to prevent contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Despite their obvious health benefits, the prolonged use of face masks, combined with hot or humid weather isn’t healthy for anyone’s skin. This can lead to irritated skin; and moist environments can lead to “maskne”, which, as the name suggests is acne caused by prolonged mask wearing.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD infused products may also have a positive effect on acne. Some studies suggest that CBD can manage oil production in the skin while also administering antimicrobial effects. These effects could also help those at risk of developing facial yeast infections – something that people with diabetes, a compromised immune system or poor hygiene could suffer from.

Take-Home Points

Topical CBD products are unlikely to hurt the face, especially if a high-quality product is being used. With that being said, if you are experiencing severe skin issues from wearing a mask, a dermatologist would be the best source of advice and could likely recommend a range of products to suit your needs.

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