Weed Can Change the World

Weed has been shunned for too long, but it cannot be held back forever. It's time for the world to take back what belongs to them - it's time to embrace cannabis.

change the world

It’s a plant, it’s a potion, it’s politics. It’s permanent – weed is the wonder plant that has and will forever change the world. From kids with epilepsy to the helping the loner stoner make friends, it’s the fuel to the fire, the catalyst of holistic healing. Our goddamn Shiva.

Wondering why I call it a catalyst? Well, at first I assumed the answer would be simple but after some thought, it really isn’t. We are beings of this earth, which is filled with an abundance of plant life. It’s been well documented that our ancestors made use of various plants to treat health conditions. Unfortunately, the 21st century looks a little different – we are all now simply all part of a system. A system which denounces natural healing and frowns upon those that do. 

Irritating, isn’t it? Times have changed and ‘Big Pharma’ has not only successfully done away with natural healing but made us believe that Western medicine is the only method that works. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong my friends. Weed is the catalyst that will open up the eyes of a generation to a future of holistic healing that is their right by simply being born as a child of this planet.

It will allow us all to open our eyes to a world of plant-based herbal healing that has and will treat diseases Big Pharma have failed to or chose not to. Educate yourself and research why and what herbal remedies can do for you. Simple things like adding turmeric to my milk each evening has truly transformed and changed me into a healthier person. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what holistic healing can offer us.

I hope this shocks you into understanding what natural tools you have at your disposal before you decide to treat it with pharmaceutical based methods. Weed can help change the world, and it’s about damn time that we let it!

Peace, love & success
– Billy Bong

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