Weird and Wacky CBD Products Actually Available Online

CBD is the most popular cannabis topic at the moment. The cannabinoid is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace, but some are creating gimmicks out of this and are putting CBD into anything and everything.

CBD products

You can find a CBD infused anything these days, with a number of brands trying to introduce differentiators into a saturated market. It started off with common CBD products like tinctures, creams and vapes before it started spiralling out of control with the introduction of things like CBD coffee and bath bombs. 

It didn’t stop there though, as the CBD infusion has only gotten weirder… The United States has been at the forefront of this industry which means they’ve got some of the weirder CBD products, so let’s dive into some of them:

Nope, I’m not joking. I wish I was but these are real! American brand Ignite, which is one of Dan Bilzerian’s ventures, is responsible for this. In their description, these flavoured toothpicks are said to release CBD into the gums, allowing your body to take advantage of the cannabinoid rapidly. 

  • CBD Chips 

Edibles are a pretty common consumption method in the world of cannabis, but chips aren’t usually the go-to option. So this one may not be so weird, and I’m not 100% that these are even real. However, the website states that servings range from 100mg to 300mg of CBD – providing a salty and relaxing treat thanks to the CBD isolate. 

Ironically the product is called Jays CBD Infused Potato Chips, a pretty obvious cannabis recreation of Lays

  • CBD Infused Active Wear 

Ever wondered how you can medicate yourself by getting dressed? Well, now you can thank to the CBD infused gym wear by Acabada. Now you can go to the gym and start your recovery before you’ve even finished your workout, with a range of CBD options available.

  • CBD Infused Bedding 

CBD has shown potential for those suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia. If you don’t like consuming CBD via a vape or tincture, why not just put it in your mattress? That’s exactly what ZBD Bed did with their CBD Infused Mattress. How it works I don’t really know… whether it soaks into your skin or you can somehow breathe it in – it’s supposed to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. 

A hand sanitizer is a hugely helpful product if you’re out and about a lot. Now you can get it infused with CBD! Topicals are suitable for localised pain when it comes to CBD, so this might be helpful for those suffering from arthritis and similar conditions. You can sanitize your hands and manage a condition in one go!

  • CBD Candles

You can’t inhale CBD aroma via a candle, so this seems pretty pointless at first, but it doesn’t end there. This candle from CBD Daily is a 3 in 1 deal – melting down into an oil that can be used as a moisturizer or massage oil with a total of 60mg CBD. 

Personally, I believe CBD has great potential in numerous spheres. I’ve used it a few times, particularly for back pain and anxiety and have found that it does help me when I want the benefits of cannabis but can’t afford to get too goofed. With that said though, none of the CBD products above make any sense to me (except for the candle, it may be odd but it’s fairly smart) and I don’t think these offer any health or wellness value. 

CBD seems to be becoming a money-making gimmick, which saddens me somewhat. So many are taking this cannabinoid as a joke already because of nonsense products like the above. I mean, who is going to take CBD seriously when people are putting it in toothpicks or gym wear? 

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