Why Do Some People Not Get High the First Time they Smoke?

There are many of us who didn’t have the most memorable first time with weed, with many having felt little to nothing at all. Why is this? Why do some people not get high the first time they smoke?

why do some people not get high the first time they smoke

The first time can be an odd one. Some experience euphoria, happiness and the giggles, while others may experience paranoia or anxiety. But then there’s a group who just felt nothing at all. So why do some people not get high the first time they smoke? 

As we know with cannabis tolerance – the more you consume, the less likely you are to experience the effects. The phenomenon of experiencing nothing on your first smoke session is actually quite common. 

But why does this happen? Well, experts have a couple of different theories. One of the main theories believes that there’s a certain method to achieving the right effects with cannabis, and some will have to learn how to consume cannabis properly in order to achieve an effect. Experts refer to this as a “sensitisation period” in which THC engages with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to activate receptors and produce the effects of cannabis. First-timers may not be getting enough into their bodies for them to feel anything. 

So newbies might need a couple of smoke sessions before their bodies acclimatise and get used to the substance, and for them to understand what being ‘high’ truly feels like and entails. 

Sometimes newbies aren’t sure of how to smoke effectively. Some will inhale but hold the smoke in the mouths rather than drawing it into their lungs, preventing THC from entering the bloodstream. 

There isn’t a direct answer to the effect of cannabis on the bodies, but your first time doing anything can be unusual and difficult to adapt to. A persons individual biology and their expectations when it comes to cannabis can play a role in your first experiences with the plant. You’ll need a bit of patience and some practice to get it right. 

If you’re going to be consuming cannabis for the first time, start low and go slow! You don’t need to go crazy your first time out, and it’s always best to do so with some good friends. Take a puff of a joint and wait for a while to see how you feel, then you can adjust higher or lower from there. 

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