Why Doesn’t CBD Work for Everyone?

CBD, or even cannabis as a whole, doesn’t work for everyone or doesn’t work the same for everyone. And we may have figured out why!

cbd for everyone

CBD certainly isn’t the miracle cure that many made it out to be, but it has helped many people all over the world manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. It is for this reason that CBD shouldn’t be a laughing matter, and used correctly it can have some amazing and positive results. So why doesn’t CBD work for everyone?

However, despite growing evidence for the efficacy of this cannabinoid, it won’t work for everyone, or provide the same results across the board. There are a number of reasons that may contribute to this, but we’re going to be looking at some of the bigger reasons!

Unique Endocannabinoid Systems 

No two people are exactly the same, and we don’t all have the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Individuals will have their own unique ECS, similarly to our unique fingerprints. This regulatory system has receptors spread throughout the body, and is responsible for managing things like sleep, appetite and more. 

Everyone’s ECS is different and is optimised to assist that individual. So naturally, some may have more receptors than others, in different places and performing different regulatory tasks. Some individuals will also naturally produce higher or lower levels of certain endocannabinoids than others. Some people also have a system that is well regulated already, and won’t benefit from the addition of CBD or even notice its effects. 

It may be hard to tell if your ECS is in need of some additional support, and there isn’t a huge body of evidence on this matter. However, if you are feeling out of balance or battling with an ongoing medical condition, CBD may benefit you. 

CBD Needs Time to Work

CBD doesn’t have any immediately obvious and notable effects, unlike THC which is often felt shortly after consumption. Because of this, many will take a dose of CBD, not feel anything and immediately assume that the product isn’t doing anything. 

Some are aware of the effects almost immediately, but most will only become aware after several weeks of consistent use. With CBD, it takes time to build up in your body and act upon all the necessary receptors, and create a homogenous system with the existing system and endocannabinoids. 

The misconception that CBD starts working immediately is what damages the cannabinoids reputation to a large extent. Many consumers may only start benefiting from CBD after 2 weeks to a month. 

The Right Product for YOU

Since CBD burst onto the market, we have seen great diversity in products and even some wacky ones. They each work in their own ways, so it often requires a bit of experimentation to find a product that suits your needs. 

Deciding and understanding whether you need a tincture, some edibles, pills, or a cream can be confusing. And then you might see that one product is a CBD isolate, while the other is broad-spectrum – and now you’re even more confused!

Doing research beforehand will help you understand what products may help you with what you are trying to achieve by taking CBD. Finding a product that works for you and your needs are the only way to steer you in the direction of success with CBD. We’re not all the same, so that’s why CBD doesn’t work the same way for all. 

Understanding What’s in Your CBD

With the rapid rise of CBD, many will try to jump on the wagon and fill their pockets from the trend. Because of this, some CBD products may not be as they appear, and some may not even have CBD in them!

When buying CBD products, do your best to obtain third party testing results – most reputable brands will have this at the ready. Any brand who doesn’t may have something to hide and aren’t being 100% honest about what their products contain. Some may have harmful pesticides or heavy metals, others may have too high a THC content which can get consumers high and even cause them to fail drug tests, or some brands may not even contain CBD at all. 

A 2019 study conducted by Leafly tested 47 CBD products and found that 11% of products contained no CBD at all and 23% had less than 80% of the CBD shown on the label. 

A trustworthy brand will keep its users up to date with any changes to their product and will openly provide fair lab results.

Unhealthy Lifestyles 

As mentioned before, CBD isn’t some miracle drug and it isn’t a cure for an unhealthy lifestyle. CBD is a supplement – which means that it is there to assist and build onto an existing healthy lifestyle and diet. It is a helping hand, but other changes might need to come with the addition of CBD if you are looking to manage a condition or symptoms.

It is a fact that CBD has therapeutic benefits and works for many people, but it isn’t a solution for everyone. It will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your regulatory system in balance. However, it cannot make up for an unhealthy lifestyle, poor physical and emotional hygiene – these need to be managed as well so that all factors are in harmony and working together to overall health and wellness.

It’s clear as to why CBD doesn’t work the same way for everyone, you also have to play a part in order for it to work.

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