Why it’s good to take a break from Cannabis

As much as we all love the herb, there are downsides to smoking too much. Some times it's good to slow things down and take a break.

break from cannabis

You know the old adage of one must live a balanced life and too much of anything is bad for you.
Well, these wise words weren’t uttered for no reason and definitely apply to your use of Cannabis products – in particular, daily smokers. Is it time for a break from cannabis?

Daily smokers find themselves facing several issues:

1. Tolerance levels skyrocket and the one drag that used to get you to that good place now requires 11 joints and 2 bongs hits.

2. The cost of smoking every day can quickly burn a hole through your pocket. This could lead one to compromise on the quality of their medicinal herb just to get their “fix”.

3. Perspective – sometimes it’s just good to take a break, step back from the plant and see if it is impacting your life and relationships in a positive or negative way.

4. I forget this one but was quickly reminded by my better half that its short term memory loss. It’s sometimes great to bring back that clarity in life and not trying to grab that thought that fluttered away.

5. Becoming a social recluse. Not all your mates will be smoking every day and inevitably social stoning becomes solo stoning. Not being on the same level as your friends can lead one to withdraw into your inner shell and not hanging out with your bros/hoes.

6. Being too “chilled” can lead to a lax lifestyle and little motivation. Sometimes being on edge can push you to get out of your box and apply the pressure that was needed.

So challenge yourself to let go of the warm cozy grasp Cannabis has on your life, and face what may come at you with no aid. Not only will break from cannabis increase your appreciation for this beautiful plant deepen but you will come to learn more about your inner truest self and how Cannabis has helped you overcome anxiety, medical conditions, and cognitive blocks.

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