The Best South African Snacks for the Munchies

Every stoner is familiar with the munchies. Bud is known for putting a grumble in your stomach, and making you crave anything from the snack aisle at the Engen garage. Here are some of the best South African snacks to satisfy that hunger.

South African Snacks

Some love the munchies, other dislike the hunger that marijuana provides. One way or another though, the munchies won’t stop until you’ve stuffed yourself with some delicious snacks. 

Luckily for us though, South Africans know how to make some killer munchie chow. Most of these you may know, but they don’t deserve to be forgotten. These will always be there for you in your time of need. Found in most petrol stations or a Spar near you, they’re just down the road when the munchies grip you. 

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite South African Munchies: 


Ahh, good old biltong – a staple amongst South Africans. Who knew dried out spiced meat would be so killer? Such a simple method but so rewarding. Some nice juicy biltong will be sure to fill up that stomach and keep the munchies at bay. Make sure to thank the Voortrekkers for this dank delight.



Got more of a sweet tooth? Then koeksisters are what you need. Another fantastic treat made by tannies across South Africa. These sticky fried dough confectionaries can only be handled in small doses, satisfying your munchies cravings in no time. 


Nik Naks 

A bag of these beauties is filled with cheesy goodness. You probably got a pack of these in your school lunch boxes and they never disappointed. Grab a bag of these before your next smoke sesh and enjoy. Don’t forget to lick those fingers once the bag is finished. 



Some may enjoy these as a dry biscuit, and I don’t judge, but I believe they’re at their most delicious when dipped in a nice sweet cup of tea. Let them soften up a little and they’ll just melt in your mouth. There are healthy options, but buttermilk will never fail to provide just the right amount of morish sweetness. 


Zoo Biscuits

These will always be one of the top South African snacks on my list, for munchies and just in general. Sweet and colourful come to mind when talking about these snacks. These can also be enjoyed with a cup of tea, but they are perfect as they are. Open up that packet and get to munching on a variety of barely identifiable South African animals. 



Who doesn’t love a good sugar rush? Rascals are the classic sugar coated chewy sweeties which cater for numerous crowds. You can find them in fruity flavours, cold drink varieties and good old sour. These will go down a treat any time and anywhere. 


Creme Sober, The Green Ambulance or Creme Soda

This isn’t a snack, I know, but Creme Soda deserves an honourable mention. The munchies are often accompanied by a lekker dry mouth that needs to be quenched every 2 minutes. There’s no better solution for this problem than an icy creme soda, refreshing you with its signature taste. You’ll also need something to wash down the mountain of chow you just devoured. 


When it comes to decent snacks for the munchies, local is definitely lekker. Next time you’re planning on smoking that lovely herb surrounded by mates – be sure to provide a couple of your favourite South African snacks from above. 

If you ain’t chokin’, you ain’t tokin’

– Stoner Steve 

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